About Me

Modelling the Laptop Lifestyle

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Cynthia and I want to welcome you to my site – I hope you’ll soon feel at home here.

I’m very grateful for the fact that I enjoy my life so much and I want to help other people find the same freedom that I have – the freedom to live the life they choose.  So, on the pages of this site, you’ll find plenty to help you do just that.

I think, though, it’s pretty important that you get to know me before we go on to develop what could eventually be a working relationship.

It’s possible that you think you recognize me from my photographs – and you could well be right.  Throughout the 80s and 90s and into the new millennium, I worked as a model for some of the world’s top designers, photographers and magazines.  I’ll tell you more of that in a minute.

I was born in the late 60s in Groningen, a lovely town in the Netherlands.  I was fortunate enough to have a very talented and intelligent family; my parents were both artists – my father taught at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen – and my two older brothers both became doctors.

Groningen was a great place to grow up – a beautiful student town with wonderful terraces, the Martini Tower and the Thorbecke College – and it was there that I suppose my modelling career began, with photo-shoots for teen magazines.

During the summer I was asked to walk the runway shows on the RAI in Amsterdam and it was while I was there I was first ‘discovered’.  This led to me going to Belgium to learn how to walk the couture shows for the likes of Valentino and Ferré.  I was 16 at the time.  Can you imagine how excited I was?… and how terrified?!

As beautiful as Groningen was, at an early age, I longed to travel and, aged 18, I left home.  I joined and Agency – Fashion Models Milan – and began work with Italian Vogue.  And that was when it all really started for me!

25 shows per season, modelling prêt a porter and couture, working campaigns and editorial photo shoots.   It can sound pretty glamorous and there’s no doubt, at times it was; but it was also hard work – rushing from show to show, from shoot to shoot – always needing to be there on time.

I got to work with some fabulous photographers – including Arthur Elgort , Hans Feurer , David Seidner, Andrew MacPherson , Antoine Verglas , and Kurt Markus – and for some wonderful designers – Azzedine Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Issey Myake, Claude Montana, Nina Ricci, Vivienne Westwood, Sonja Rykiel and many more – and appear in the most prestigious magazines – I’ve  already mentioned Vogue but there was Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, and others – as well as visit some of the world’s most incredible locations.

There are some location shoots I particularly remember.  One of my favourite places was St. Barths – but one shoot very nearly ended in disaster.  I was shooting a bathing suit catalogue and posing on some rocks.  Suddenly a great wave came over and swept me away, throwing me between the rocks.  I washed up some 50 meters away, very shaken and with cut knees – but we still managed to finish the shoot.  The hairdresser still talks about it and I’m still not sure how I survived – a miracle!

Another time, we were shooting in Phuket.  I was with an English crew this time and they also wanted some shots on the beach by the rocks.  So I moved back towards them and the next thing I knew, I had sunk up to my neck in the sand!  Fortunately, the crew were on hand to pull me out – and when they had, we fell about laughing!

Then there was the time in Florida.  I was shooting a Catalogue and posing in the water (hey, are you seeing a theme develop here!) , when the stylist cried out.  I turned to see a shark fin heading straight towards me.  I can’t remember ever having run so fast!

Do you think someone may be telling me to stay away from the sea?!

It was during this time that I moved to Paris and lived in the Marais.  I found myself living just around the corner from Azzedine Alaia and I spent many evenings around there, modelling for fittings.

I was also offered a contract by Claude Montana and I was to act as his inspiration and muse for the preparation of his collections.  Incredible times.  Carefree times.  Wonderfully decadent times.  We thought they’d never end.

But end, they did and after 10 years in Paris it was time to move on, this time to New York, where I continued to work for Ford models.  This brought me work not only in the U.S. but also in Germany and Japan.

New York was exciting and vibrant and I loved it there, but I also found myself taking more and longer holidays in the Balearic Islands.

Cynthia - at home in IbizaI loved the light of the islands.  I loved the colours.  I loved the people; the food; the fusion of cultures, the music and art.  So I believe it came as no surprise to my friends when I eventually decided to make Ibiza my home.

Yes, I’d loved the cities I’d worked in, the locations I’d flown to and the people I’d worked with.  But now I wanted to settle down to a more peaceful existence.

At the time I’m sitting down to write this, I’ve lived in Ibiza for 4 years and now I have a wonderful daughter, Audrey, who is 3.  We love our life together.

Audrey goes to school each morning, then I collect her and we’ll have picnics in the garden, go to Yoga twice a week (Audrey is much too young but she absolutely adores it), occasionally we’ll head off to the local sports centre where they have special children’s activities and, of course, we take walks along the beautiful beaches here on the island, which are even more beautiful after the tourists have all gone home!

Then, at the end of the day, we’ll do Audrey’s favourite.  We’ll snuggle up together and lookCynthia and Audrey at Mummy’s photographs.

I love my life here on the island.  I love the freedom I have.  I love being able to live the ‘laptop lifestyle’ – and you can live it too.  You just have to be prepared to learn how.

So, I’ve told you something about me and my life.  Now I have a question for you.

Are you prepared?  Are you prepared to learn how to live a laptop lifestyle just like mine?  If you are, you’ll find everything you need to get started here on these pages.

I do hope you’ll say yes and that you, too, are soon living the life of your dreams.